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Wine Cork Tile

Information Resources for Cork Material 100% Recycled Content

Wine Cork Tile Standard Pattern - An image of a standard Wine Cork Tile, sanded on one side and unfinished.

Wine Cork Tile Optional Pattern - An image of an optional formula for Wine Cork Tile.

Price List - The price of a Wine Cork Tile and the many options.

Accessory Price List - Recommended adhesive, finish & floor care products.

Introduction - Why cork and Wine Cork Tiles should be used.

About Recycled Cork - The evolution of a decorative wine cork product.

Slideshow - Photos of cork harvesting, production and installations of Wine Cork Tile.

Specifications - Information about the material required for specification.

Installation - General procedures for a safe, high quality installation, including a pdf.

Maintenance - Maintenance & Care of installed flooring, including a pdf.

Warranty - For the Wine Cork Tile material, including a pdf.

Properties (pdf) - Typical Properties of Wine Cork Tile.

MSDS (pdf) - Material Safety Data Sheet information.