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Wine Cork Recycling & Purchasing

Yemm & Hart is now purchasing wine cork stoppers. We began recycling used wine cork stoppers in 2004 when we realized that we could not buy floor tiles that contained post-consumer recycled cork. Since then, many people and organizations have sent us their corks at their expense to recycle so that we could have enough raw material to develop the Wine Cork Tile product. We thank everyone that participated. Now -

Earn 1/2¢ per cork

Wine Cork Purchasing rules -

1. Minimum net weight of package is 13.79 Lbs (6.26 Kgs). This amount will fit into a 14" x 14" x 14" cardboard box.

2. Packages must be sent to the following address -
    Yemm & Hart
    Wine Cork Purchasing
    425 N Chamber Dr
    Fredericktown MO 63645

3. All packages with corks for sale must contain an 8-1/2" x 11" letter size paper with sender's name and mailing address clearly printed on it.

4. Attached to the letter must be a printed receipt showing the amount paid by the sender for the package.

5. Only the UPS business rate or lower will be accepted as a reimbursable shipping cost. You can apply for a UPS account at ups.com. FedEx Ground and USPS Online should be checked for your location.

6. Only full cylinder, real corks will be accepted, these include whole cork, twin cap and agglomerated wine cork stoppers. Not acceptable are broken corks, gnawed corks, drilled corks, Champagne corks, tapered corks, cork coasters, cork sheet, synthetic stoppers, corks attached to or containing wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, plastic, wax, string, paint, glue, wire or any other non-cork material.

7. The contents of each package will be weighed and carefully inspected. Those packages without a letter and shipping cost receipt will have their contents recycled and there will be no payment. Those packages with letters that contain any of the non-acceptable items will be penalized by the weighed amount of unacceptable contents encountered as a percentage of the total contents and applied against the payment for shipping.

8. The average rate of 100 full cylinder corks per pound will be the basis for conversion for payment.

9. Here is how we calculate your payment -
Lbs of acceptable cork x 100 = number of corks
Number of corks x 1/2¢ ($0.005) = payment for corks

Lbs of acceptable cork + Lbs of unacceptable contents = net weight. Net weight + 11% (tare) = gross weight. Lbs of unacceptable content ÷ gross weight = unacceptable %.
Unacceptable % x UPS Ground Business Rate = reimbursable shipping cost. How we calculate this.

Payment for corks + reimbursable shipping cost = payment amount.

10. Payment will be made in the form of a check mailed to the sender within approximately 45 days of receipt of package.

11. Yemm & Hart will make a good faith effort to pay the sender for all corks and shipping costs meeting the requirements set forth herein. Yemm & Hart will not be responsible for payments to anyone in the event a package, documentation or electronic data become lost. Contact us if you have any questions.

Yemm & Hart will still accept any amount of corks to recycle when sent to the above address in paragraph 2. at the sender's expense.

Thank you for your participation in either program.

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