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Flexisurf PVC Sheets & Tiles

Information Resources for Material with 100% Post-Industrial Recycled Content

Flexisurf Color Chart - All colors on one page w/links to large swatches.

Price List - Sheets or tiles priced by color with available options.

Accessory Price List - Recommended adhesives, finishes, cove base & welding rod.

Introduction - A significant industrial waste product given extended life.

Slideshow - Photos of Flexisurf material installed and in use.

Specifications - Information about the material required for specification.

Chemical Resistance Data (pdf) - A list of what chemicals Flexisurf will resist.

Fire Testing Data (pdf) - Helpful information for complying with building and fire codes.

Installation (pdf) - Details for a safe, high quality flooring installation.

Maintenance - Maintenance & Care of installed flooring, including a pdf.

Warranty - For the commercial flooring material Flexisurf, including a pdf.

Properties (pdf) - Typical Properties of Flexisurf PVC.

MSDS (pdf) - Material Safety Data Sheet information.