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But First -

OK - I know who you are. And of course, I know you have a VALID point.

Hillary Clinton is not the "best candidate".

I promise you this - I will join with you on November 9th in a political revolution that will demand Clinton enact her platform but FIRST, you have to do the HARD thing and stop Trump from getting elected by actually going to the polling place and voting for Hillary.

I know, you are going to want to throw up afterwards but the alternative is horrid and I for one am not wanting to see what it would be like "IF". That's like wanting to experience the New Madrid fault cutting loose like it did 200 years ago. I'd rather that wait until I have dis-incarnated !!

So please vote - and NOT for Trump (which is what you are doing if you [a] stay home or [b] vote for Jill Stein).

I'm not asking you to change your personal opinion about Hillary. But our future, our children's future, TRULY is at stake.

Do you want them to live in a MORE hostile and angry world than it is already ?

Of course NOT !! - that IS why you want CHANGE. I truly do "get it".

So, it's okay for you to feel VERY BAD about voting for Hillary. Honestly, I understand why.

I LOVED Occupy !! I will fight on YOUR side that wants BIGGER change - AFTER the election.

'Nuff said. Just Do It. Deal with those awful feelings and face the possibility that you will even puke right afterwards (bring a bag in case) but don't let the WORST happen. No matter how little you think would change under a President Trump - think AGAIN. Think about Turkey, Russia and China - think about Syria and Libya and Iraq. Think about NUCLEAR WEAPONS!! THINGS COULD ACTUALLY GET WORSE !!

So please vote for SANITY this year and not from anger.

Deborah and Stephen Yemm


100% Post-Consumer Restroom Partitions

Restroom Partitions

Origins 304 SF Natural as restroom partitions for NYC Parks, Olmstead Center, New York City, New York.

Surfacing Applications w/ Recycled Materials

Surfacing Materials

Winecork Tile and Tire Veneer on wine cork recycling fixture for Whole Foods Market, Brentwood, Missouri.

Waterjet Cut Partitions from Recycled Material

Origins Waterjet Cut

Origins 120 Dogwood 3/4" (19mm) panels for
Teknion furniture showroom in San Francisco, California

CNC Engraved Recycled Material

Origins 117 Lime Engraved

Origins 117 Lime panel engraved by
Syracuse University Design Works, Syracuse, New York.


Counters & Vanities from Recycled Material

Origins 503 Cinema Vanity

Origins 503 Warm Orange vanity/counter top for
South Campus Gateway Cinema, Columbus, Ohio

Partitions & Privacy Screens from Recycled Material

Origins 129 Graphite Partitions & Screens

Origins 128 Graphite partitions and screens for
Hollywood Station 14 Cinema, Springfield, Missouri